ISV Copyrighted Aging System

We use over 25 different rare woods in our process including ancient Japanese Mizunara Oak, American Tennessee Bourbon Barrels, Portuguese Port Barrels, French Sherry Barrels, Tasmanian Oak and Vintage English Oak. Any one product has a minimum combination of 3 different woods penetrating the spirit.

The unique design of the barrel allows for over
+400% more surface area which dramatically reduced the timescale of traditional aging.

All of our barrels are designed to be re-charred and re-crystalised repeatedly, reducing our impact on the environment and dramatically reducing production costs as traditional aging does not allow for this continually renewable process.

From Wood to Water...

Whilst most distilleries use ‘tap’ or 'distilled' water, we distil our products with the worlds purest water; Iceberg Water.

This water is naturally harvested by local Icermen from one of the most pristine ecosystems on the planet. The water is a minimum of 12,000 years old having filtered slowly for 5,000 years through layers of lava rock.

Hidden from the outside world, sealed from pollutions and pesticides it has a naturally low mineral content (TDS of 62ppm) that in turn does not crowd the palate with heavy metals, minerals or silica. It is naturally alkaline with an uncommonly high PH of 8.4 and certified carbon neutral.

The iceberg water expertly binds the spirit together and dramatically improves the taste and texture of the finished product.



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